The Artesian Well of Hope

Psalm 119:81-88

81 My soul languishes for your salvation;
I hope in your word.
82 My eyes fail with watching for your promise;
I ask, “When will you comfort me?”
83 For I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,
yet I have not forgotten your statutes.
84 How long must your servant endure?
When will you judge those who persecute me?
85 The arrogant have dug pitfalls for me;
they flout your law.
86 All your commandments are enduring;
I am persecuted without cause; help me!
87 They have almost made an end of me on earth;
but I have not forsaken your precepts.
88 In your steadfast love spare my life,
so that I may keep the decrees of your mouth.”  NRSV

We all have those times in life when it seems the world is out to get us. That is certainly the situation for this Psalmist. The questions we must seek to answer ae: where do we cast our hope? What life-line in those moments do reach for?

For the Psalmist it was God. He trusted the promises, commandments, and decrees God made with God’s people. He believed being faithful to God and God’s commandments would deliver him from whatever peril he was facing. They were his life-line, his hope. He knew God would not fail him if stayed true to God.

This kind of faith and trust in God is the artesian well from which all hope springs. Jesus handed us a cup and invited us to drink deeply from this well.

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