Incarnation, part four

Picking up where the post from last Friday left off, we turn once again to Fr. Rohr. He reminds as of the breadth and depth of God’s incarnation.

“Divine incarnation took the form of an Indwelling Presence in every human soul and surely all creatures in some way. Angels, animals, trees, water, and, yes, bread and wine seem to fully accept and enjoy their wondrous fate. Ironically, it is only our human freedom that gives us the ability to resist and deny our core identities by refusing to participate in the flow of life through games of negativity, exclusion, or unlove. We even do this to ourselves. If we read the texts carefully, we will see that the only people Jesus seems to “exclude” are the excluders themselves. Exclusion might be described as the core sin.” Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, 12.21.19

To the best of our knowledge, humans are the only creatures that can think contextually and consequentially. We are the only creatures endowed with the power to discern. We are the one only ones who can identify the existence of God, the presence of God, and the incarnational spirit of God within all that God makes.

Isn’t interesting that so many, maybe most, choose to use these unique gifts and abilities from God to deny God’s very existence, to ignore and deny the consequence of their actions, and fail to recognize the interdependence we have with all of life. The fact that God gives us the freedom to choose to use these gifts in this way is the ultimate act of love.

When we celebrate the birth of Christ we celebrate the incarnational love that grants us the freedom to choose to follow him. Making the choice to follow Jesus is what ignites the spiritual fires within to light our way and the way of others groping in the darkness.

Tomorrow we will take a step closer to the child in the manger.

Be a blessing to someone today!

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