Incarnation, part two

We begin today with a reminder from Father Rohr that, “God, who is Infinite Love, incarnates that love as the universe itself… Matter and spirit have always been one, of course, ever since God decided to manifest God’s self in the first act of creation (Genesis 1:1-31), but it seems we could only meet this presence in personal form after much longing and desiring.” Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, 12.22.19

For whatever reasons, and there are many, humankind has not grasped that matter and spirit have always been one. We are the incarnation of God. So is the apple tree in my backyard and the chickens scratching around its base.  Everything we can perceive and beyond is of God.

For several millennia now, God has tried and tried to get humankind to grasp this simple principle, to experience the wonder, mystery, and majesty of it all. God has called us to be the caretakers of God’s creative genius for each generation so that God’s wonder, mystery, and majesty do not get lost.

Each generation is called to be interpreters of the why behind creation. This is where the love story is supposed to get told. Over the generations from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Jesus and to us, we are to make known that God created the world and each of us as the objects of God’s love and the subjects of God’s attention.

God established the means by which we could walk in the full blessing and bounty of God’s love and know the peace that unconditional love for all sets free. So far, humankind has determined it knows a better way. It has determined that if there is a God that God is far removed from the daily activities of planet earth. Humankind has determined that God established a world bound by the survival of the fittest and then scurried off to an unknown destination euphemistically called “heaven.”

Thanks be to God, our self-serving actions and dismissal of God’s presence in the world have not deterred God from God’s original intent when the creation came into being. We are still the object of God’s love and the subject of God’s attention. Our actions are not without consequence, just look at the world around you, but it is not without hope or the incarnational spirit of God.

So, God took one more step to demonstrate the unity of matter and spirit and to awaken us to God’s spiritual presence. God became flesh.

We will “flesh” this out more tomorrow.

Be a blessing to someone today!

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