The Faucet of Love

You may recall that I am a big fan of Father Richard Rohr’s writings. If I had the ability to express myself with his depth of spiritual insight, his uncompromising devotion to God, his love and compassion for all that God has made, and his way with words, I, too, would express myself in this way,

“The world has suffered much from the various forms of Christian colonialism. Yet the Reign of God is an alternative to domination systems and all “isms.” Jesus teaches that right relationship (i.e., love) is the ultimate and daily criterion. If a social order allows and encourages strong connectedness between people and creation, people and each other, people and God, then you have a truly sacred culture: the Reign of God. It is not a world without pain or mystery, but simply a world where we are connected and in communion with all things.

The Kingdom is about union and communion, which means that it is also about mercy, forgiveness, nonviolence, letting go, solidarity, service, and lives of love, patience, and simplicity. Who can doubt that this is the sum and substance of Jesus’ teaching? In the Reign of God, the very motive for rivalry, greed, and violence has been destroyed. We know we are all part of God’s Beloved Community.”  (from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, November 19, 2020, entitled, “The Reign of God in Community.”)

At times, I think what we fail to grasp that “mercy, forgiveness, nonviolence, letting go, solidarity, service, and lives of love, patience, and simplicity” are the points of entry through which God’s redemptive and transformational Spirit enters us and then enters the world. The are the “faucets” that must be turned on to get God’s love, and all that love entails, to flow in us and through us into the world around us. “Rivalry, greed, and violence,” turn off the faucets of love. Then we begin to think that love is in short supply and that we better hoard it by determining who should and shouldn’t be loved. That’s when we turn off the faucet.

So, then along come preachers like me who remind you over and over again to turn on the faucet of God’s love and that it entails. Jesus came into the world to shows us how.

The only thing that can stop God’s love from transforming us and the world is the wrong-headed belief that love is in short supply. That kind of thinking is the foundation of sin from which “rivalry, greed, and violence” draw their power.

The world needs us to turn on not just the faucet, but the fire-hose of God’s love.

Be a blessing to someone today!

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