Sunday Morning Virtual Worship 4.19.20

This is the second Sunday of Easter and the fifth Sunday of virtual worship for Hodgenville CC. All things point to us worshiping this way for at least another month. I know it is a poor substitute for us gathered together in the beauty and familiarity of our beloved sanctuary. Yet, we can still worship and commune together for we are joined and knit together in God’s Spirit and love which are not bound by space and time.

To all of our guests, welcome! HCC is a small but dynamic and loving community of faith. We hope that you will be able to join us in person when the all-clear is sounded.

Here is your virtual worship video for this morning. Please remember to have your communion elements ready for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper near the end of the video.

The text for this morning’s message is John 10:19-29. It’s the story of “Doubting Thomas.” Please have your Bible’s turned and ready to follow along.

I pray you find great blessing in this time of worship!

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