Prepping for Sunday

The Sunday morning worship has been recorded and is being processed now. The plan is to have it ready to go by 10 am tomorrow morning (keep your fingers crossed). The service will be found here, on the website, rather than on YouTube. The website gives me a few more options to share information than YouTube does. So, please look for it here. Hopefully, you will get a notice when it’s posted.

I have included a time for the Lord’s Supper at the end of the service. Please make provision for that. Anything will work. Crackers and juice. Toast and juice (or even coffee). They are mere symbols of the grace we receive in the act. Also, have your Bible handy to read along with the scripture reading. That way you get a break from staring at me (and getting more familiar with your Bible).

So wish we could gather in person. I am missing my Hodgenville family!

Stay safe! Be wise! Be a blessing!


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