Veterans Day Remembrance

Let us pause and give thanks for all those who have served in the Armed Forces this Veterans Day and for the families of those who served.

Those who have served, along with their families, made significant sacrifices for the freedoms and blessings in life we too often take for granted. Let us pray a special prayer of thanksgiving for one and all this day.

So, I offer this Veterans Day Prayer from the Concord Pastor’s blog of 11.10.14 as my prayer for this day. Please join me in this prayer of thanksgiving and remembrance.

“God of peace,
we pray for those who have served our nation,
who laid down their lives
to protect and defend our freedom…

We pray for those who have fought,
whose spirits and bodies are scarred by war
and whose nights are haunted by memories
too painful for the light of day…

We pray for those who serve us now,
especially for those in harm’s way:
shield them from danger
and bring them home,

Turn the hearts and minds
of our leaders and our enemies
to the work of justice and a harvest of peace…

Spare the poor, Lord, spare the poor!

May the peace you left us,
the peace you gave us,
be the peace that sustains,
the peace that saves us.

Christ Jesus, hear us!
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer!


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