Connectedness and Communion

Once again I turn to Father Richard Rohr for this morning’s (todays?) meditation.

“The goal of the spiritual journey is to discover and move toward connectedness and relationship on ever new levels, while also honoring diversity. We may begin by making connections with family and friends, with nature and animals, and then grow into deeper connectedness with those outside our immediate circle, especially people of races, religions, economic classes, gender, and sexual orientation that are different from our own. Finally, we can and will experience this full connectedness as union with God. For some it starts the other way around: they experience union with God—and then find it easy to unite with everything else.

Without connectedness and communion, we don’t exist fully as our truest selves. Becoming who we really are is a matter of learning how to become more and more deeply connected. No one can possibly go to heaven alone—or it would not be heaven.”*

I stands to reason that if we are “human beings having a spiritual experience,” a concept we have explored several times, then it stands to reason that the more relationships we develop/enter into the greater and richer our experience of God. We get a fuller picture of God as we are granted the opportunity to see the world through each others eyes.

That is how God designed it all. To know God more fully requires that we know each other, as many others in as many different cultures as possible. Not to judge their difference, but to learn from it. Not necessarily to embrace that which makes them different bit to help us understand ourselves and God in a more complete and open way.

Communion is connection. Connection is at the heart of the spiritual journey.

*Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, The Beloved Community,
Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

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