Again, a little wisdom from Sr. Joan Chittister found in her book, Wisdom Distilled from The Daily. Today’s topic, work.

“Work is a commitment to God’s service. The parable of the unproductive fig tree is a dramatic one. The fruit tree that does not do what it can do and should do, Jesus curses. To have a gift that can nourish the community and let it go to waste strikes at the very heart of community. I must be all that I can be or I can’t possibly be anything to anyone else. God the creator goes on creating through us. Consequently, a life spent serving God must be a life spent giving to others what we have been given. To refuse to do for the other what we are more than capable of doing simply because we do not like to do it, is to deny the reason for which we are who we are.”

A caution, this is not really about money. You weren’t born with skin made from dollar bills. The gifts that God instilled in each of us are of a different kind. All of us are born with a genetic propensity to gift others in a unique way. How you use the fruits of that gift to better the community around you is what Sr. Chittister is calling to our attention. Refusing to use the gifts God gave us is when we run the risk of being judged by Jesus like the fig tree.

So, please be generous with what God has entrusted to you.

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