A New Kind of Living

I’m choosing to post a few quotes from Fr. Henri Nouwen. I have never read a book of his that didn’t move me or deepen my relationship with God. If you are looking for some wonderful, spiritual reading material I encourage you to give Fr. Nouwen a try. His book, The Wounded Healer is one of his mist beloved books. but they are worthy of your time.

“You don’t think your way into a new kind of living. You live your way into a new kind of thinking.”
― Henri Nouwen

This was Jesus’ whole point of ministry, to show us the way, through love of God, neighbor, and self, how to live into a new of kind of thinking and being. We do that when we live a lot less out of our heads and a lot more out of our hearts. Show compassion first, then ask your questions about the others’ worthiness, if still needing to be asked, later.

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