The Jesus-flame!

We are keepers of the “Jesus-flame.” The flame which is the redeeming, reconciling, healing, transforming love of God, first revealed in Jesus, that burns within every Christian.

You and I are called, by virtue of our confession and baptism, to take the Jesus-flame to the world, one person at a time. The light of Christ we carry within is an eternal flame, one we are called to bring close to the persons to whom God sends us or sends across our paths. It is the eternal flame of God that Jesus brought into the world now burning in our hearts.

This flame has many purposes. For those who have lost their way every step is taken in darkness. The Jesus-flame within us is a light to guide their way. For those who feel the chill of isolation and loneliness it is the warmth of Jesus’ love that removes the chill. For those whose life is weighted down by the impurities of their sins, from the bad decisions and lapses of judgment that resulted in harm to others the Jesus-flame is the refiner’s fire that burns away the dross of sin and purifies the soul through God’s merciful forgiveness. For those who feel a constant need to prove their self-worth to a world that cares only about itself, one can stare into the mesmerizing dance of the flame, be alone with one’s inmost thoughts and see oneself as God sees us, already of infinite worth to the only one for whom it truly matters, the Creator God. These are the gifts the Jesus-flame in you and me bring to the world around us.

We are the keepers of the Jesus-flame, you and I. We are called to carry that flame to each one God sends us. We consistently bring the flame near. God does the rest. That is our holy calling. That is where we, too, most fully encounter God as we fulfill the purpose for which we were created, to bear the love of God, revealed in Jesus, to the world, one person at a time.
Our part is to be the keepers of the Jesus-flame. Not fix or heal or dazzle with our insights, but draw close enough to the other for the light of Christ to be seen, felt, and experienced in us.  The only qualification is saying “yes” when God bids us go.

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