Life as an Adventure

Life is an adventure. That has been my approach to life for as long as I can remember. For me, life is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that begins with birth, filled with twists and turns, the expected and unexpected.  Death is our only certainty. To perceive life as an adventure is a conscious decision one must make. It becomes the context for how one understands the life one lives. You either do life or life does you.  I choose to do life. And in so choosing to do life I accept the consequences that come with the choices I make.  When I default on my option to choose to do life and let life do me, I become the victim of those choices made on my behalf.

Life lived as an adventure is, by definition, experiential. Each new event, personal encounter, loss, gain, creative idea, colossal failure, time spent doing the maintenance activities of life adds to the experience like magazine cut-outs pasted on a collage. Only this collage is the sum total of my lived experiences.

When we take the time to study the collages of our lives we discover they tell our story. Each experience, like a chapter in a book,  reveals the influences of the people, places, things and events that were the shaping influences of my life. Ideally, this narrative  of my life will demonstrate growth, expansion, evolving beliefs, altered behaviors and the justification for the priorities and attitudes that define me, here and now. Each chapter opening up new horizons into the world I live in.

For an adventurer, the last chapter of my narrative begs for the next chapter to be written. It propels me forward to discover the next building block of my life filled with new challenges with their accompanying risks. An adventurer’s life is filled with new encounters with people, places and things, and new opportunities to expand mind, heart and soul. This expanding capacity to experience and understand Life brings a deepening inner peace within oneself. This is the adventurer’s reward. Stagnation, status quo, fear of failure, fear of change, a maintenance mindset are the adventurer’s enemies.

Life’s adventures bring both tears of sorrow and tears of joy.  Each adventure requires good-byes and hellos. Some people cannot make the journey with you. The pain of such a loss is real and necessarily makes you pause to assess the appropriateness of the next adventure. Is it worth the relational costs?  

If the answer is “ yes,” then it is a journey I must make. What awaits me are hellos to new faces and unfamiliar places. Joy, which always carries with it the tempering affect of loss’ sorrows, comes bounding forth again as new relationships are forged.  

It seems most in our world would rather live in fear of change and enjoy the false comfort of the status quo than pursue the adventure of life, I believe, God intended all of us to make.If you believe in God then you must also believe that God is at work in the world. The adventure we are called to make is nothing more and nothing less than joining God “out there,” beyond our comfort zones where the only real security we can ever know is our trust in God. Regardless of our approach to life, trust in God is always our only real security. God’s promises are the security I choose to seek.

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