God’s Farmhands

“Whatever helps bring about healing, wholeness, compassion, creativity, and care for our world is an act of love. It is using the energy of love to make a positive difference.”

“….God does not intrude into our lives from the outside, but works from within, not by control but by stimulation and enrichment. So, all existing matter, each living thing, and each human person has a divine spark of love inside us urging us to express that love by connecting with others in love. That spark in each of us waits to be cultivated and developed until it matures.” (1)

We have encountered the thoughts of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin before. He was a Roman Catholic priest and world-renowned paleontologist (1881-1955). He was one of the first people to reconnect faith and science and show the complimentary nature of each to the other (especially his focus on evolution). His was silenced by the Roman Catholic church for these views. His extraordinary writings were published posthumously.

By now, you should recognize that the last sentence in the quote, “That spark in each of us waits to be cultivated and developed until it matures,” is a foundational aspect of my approach to ministry. We are the farmhands of God, so to speak, sent into the world to help cultivate and assist in the development of the divine spark within all. Love nurtures it. Justice and righteousness are the tools that protect it and give it the space it needs to grow and bloom.

Are there people in your life whose divine spark needs a little TLC?

(1) Savary, Louis M.. Teilhard de Chardin On Love: Evolving Human Relationships . Paulist Press. Kindle Edition.

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