God’s many faces

“The incarnation began with Jesus and it has never stopped . . . God takes on flesh so that every home becomes a church, every child becomes the Christ-child, and all food and drink become a sacrament. God’s many faces are now everywhere, in flesh, tempered and turned down, so that our human eyes can see him.” ~ Ronald Rolheiser

I’m not there yet, but I do strive to live my life in this way…seeing God in the faces of the people everywhere, seeing each person as a particular expression of God in the world, as am I.

I found it very hard to hate another once I realized that it is really God, imperfectly expressed, in this particular person I am trying to hate. I like easy, so I gave up hating and now focus on trying to see the face of God in everyone. I still have a ways to go, but I am loving the journey.

I encourage you to give it try, too.

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