Some things to think about

Today, a group of church leaders met with a consultant from the Disciples Church Extension Fund. Great questions were asked of our consultant. He shared important information with all of us, leaving us with much to think about.

Most immediately, there is a roof repair over the sanctuary that needs immediate attention. My prayer is that members and friends of HCC would give prayer consideration to providing an over above gift to help preserve and protect this great asset to the congregation and city of Hodgenville. HCC is on the national historic registry.

One interesting tidbit I had not given any thought to was shared in our meeting.

For those of you not familiar with Hodgenville, in the center of the square of downtown Hodgenville sits a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Visitors to Hodgenville quite naturally desire to take pictures of the statue with family gathered around it. Looking through the camera lens straight o

n at the statue, sitting over Lincoln’s left shoulder (the photographer’s right) you will see the Lincoln Museum. Sitting on his right shoulder (the photographer’s left)) is Hodgenville Christian Church! There is no way to know how many people over the years have taken a picture of our church under the guise of snapping a photo of our former president. For years we have been Lincoln’s right-hand church! That ought to be worth something. Just sayin’.



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