Welcome to HCC!

Hodgenville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is located downtown “on the square” of Hodgenville, KY, the birthplace of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln.

We are small church with a big heart….for serving the needs of others, for exercising our minds as well as our hearts and souls to deepen our faith in God, and to bring God’s unconditional love to the people of Hodgenville, Larue County, and beyond.

We take seriously our call to “work out our faith in fear and trembling.” So, we do stand in judgment of another’s journey here. We strive to learn from our differences as part of our own maturation in faith. Conversely, while you will always be loved and accepted, it will be a frustrating experience for those who have all the answers and whose faith is the only true, right way to walk with God.

At HCC, you will not find God in a box. God is not limited by any one person’s understanding of God. God is big enough to graciously receive your questions, doubts, and fears about God (or anything else for that matter). Here, we walk and explore and question and grow together in our own unique ways, following the path Jesus modeled for us all. We rejoice at new insights and new opportunities to manifest God’s boundless and all-inclusive love to one and all.

Our worship is simple and honest. No performance art. Just people who love God, each other and the opportunity to praise and thank the God who guides and resources their lives.

Come join us!

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